Hire a hungry college kid to photograph and list your sale worthy pieces on Craig’s list. Pay them by the hour or give them a % of each sale. Craig’s List is local(no shipping stress) and free( no commissions).

Purchase portable storage or a private unit. This is a very cheap and efficient way to declutter and keep out of season items out of the way.

Post a catchy headline on FB directed towards first time home buyers and parents who are always looking for inexpensive essentials.

Donate. Donate. And did you ever think of donating?
You have 3627 old books? https://www.mtwyouth.org/book_donations/ They come to you!
Still holding onto 3 closets of clothes? Clothe a homeless family. http://www.rosiesplace.org
Start a family off with your old furniture. http://www.habitatbostonrestore.org

There are countless trusted organizations who will gladly take your stuff off your hands and you get to pay it forward! Call a home stager to help you choose what stays and what goes. We are masters at redesign and working with a homeowner’ s furnishings. An objective professional eye is sometimes all you need.