Spring market is already up and running. I haven’t even returned all my gifts and Im feeling the old- not enough hours in the day thing. But not this year. This season will be different. This season I will dedicate my time to finding and selling homes. Period.

Last year, my sales efforts were interrupted countless times with seller issues. Turns out, I never budgeted time for therapy sessions, decluttering workshops, do it yourself home repairs and redesign services. When I added up all those hours, I found thousands of lost dollars and real burn out issues.


2017 will be the year I partner with a really good home stager.  #Goals

Make these nightmares disappear:

  • My homeowner is sabotaging the sale with her smelly cat.
  • I have to plan on arriving 2hrs before the showing to clean and make beds.
  • My listing is going to sell massively below its value because my seller thinks its still 1995.

You know the drill….there are dozens more money losing and hair raising scenarios.

Commit to the easiest New Year’s resolution of all – include home staging services in your product. Sellers will be impressed and appreciative. Your listings will stand out among the competition. You are guaranteed quality photos, an educated seller and buyers will easily envision living in your listings.