She’s engaged. My baby is getting married. O.K., she’s not my baby. My baby is upstairs in the first and only bedroom she has ever had, writing her college essay about one of her life altering experiences. He is going to work from home now….like each and every day – my husband wants to work from home. Another high school graduation …on top of a college graduation and my two other 20 something children have taken our couches and moved out. Not gonna lie……there has been some tears. But, not the “my children don’t need me, I’ve lost the will to live” tears. These were “omg, I just got fired” tears. I have never been fired from anything in my life. I do the hiring for God’s sake. Nobody fires me.

So, I’m working through the hurt, anger and self-pity….and the epiphany comes. Sell. Sell the house. Make new plans. Start the next adventure. Re- invent myself!

It sounded so simple – in my head. Suffice to say that getting fired by my family was the cake walk. Turns out, too many unemployed years, children, dogs, ponies (plural not an error), a guinea pig – ok, the pig lasted less than a week, but it was traumatic so it goes on the list, and a legit hoarder husband make for a tricky MLS photo- op.

If the job of cleaning, fixing, touching up, throwing out and redesigning every room in the house isn’t overwhelming enough, there is always the unapologetic realtor explaining why I need to remove all signs of life from my home. Did I say “all signs of life”? LOL. Correction: “all signs of our life”. Life is good. Yes, buyers like to see life……. just not ours. Week one with the whole re-invent myself and I am paralyzed by dozens of to do lists. My eyes might have officially lost sight of the prize……how do I channel the wonderful, exciting, and inspiring aspects of selling? Cut through the crap and start delegating- that’s how.

So, first I gave myself a big fancy title and then I started hiring. I’m guessing I’m not alone when I say that my kids are more supportive and reliable when cash is involved. But, they are still hopelessly naive and ill-equipped to conceptualize their childhood home as our financial windfall. So, job descriptions were posted and assigned.

My second order of business was easy. I hired myself to get our house Ready To Show. It proved to be the best on the job training I have ever received. I understand more than ever how difficult the process can be and I believe I will be even more sympathetic to those sellers who need a little extra time processing their move.

The Good News:
My family is still speaking to me and we have fabulous MLS pictures that have drawn record showings. I staged my family home of 20 years and that experience taught me the importance of being a true partner in getting your home ready to show.

Staging provides a specific call to action when you cannot imagine where to begin. Moving is hard. It’s emotionally overwhelming and I can guarantee that your weakest moments will not be well timed – life can be a little sloppy A good stager knows when and how far to push.

Remember, memories are portable and thankfully, do not require a landscaper, handyman and cleaning service. And the best part of the story is that my kids are not the only ones beginning an exciting new chapter.