The good news is that home design trends are easier to knock off than last year’s shoe styles. When a heel changes – it changes. Not so with your home. There are so many acceptable spheres of influence that govern its style. You can follow its architecture, or your dream. You can mix modern with antiques and you can- and should – incorporate your precious picks acquired from trips, family and drunken shopping expeditions with the girls. But, your mother’s hutch and the flea market armoire that once held your t.v. is a bridge too far.

  1. Sometimes it is better to remove the piece that dates the room. Less is more has never been trendier. It will help you see the room in a different light and allow you to repurpose the space. Be courageous.
  2. That time you learned going one size smaller in your jeans took 10yrs off your body? Yup, that’s what a new paint color does. Choose wisely- because in a perfect world- that color- should be used throughout the house. The light in each room will vary enough to make it look like several different custom choices.
  3. Another blessing: today’s furnishing trends offer dozens of fabulous knock-off options! Second hand Mid Century/Modern pieces are everywhere. You only need a few pieces to update a room.
  4. Re-think all of your accessories. Ditch the Pottery Barn clock from 5 yrs ago for sleek trays. Swap out your pillows for some new bold color and make sure they’re an eclectic group of sizes and prints. Frame some fabulous favorite photos from photographers you have been following on Instagram and Houzz.
  5. Hire a home stager – think ? For short money, we can redesign and update your home. We love to work with your furnishings, editing your rooms and placing a few thoughtful accessories of our own to complete the look. You can have an updated new look for your home in less than a day.